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    What positive impact can we make as consumers in 2019?

    What positive impact can we make as consumers in 2019?

    We recently asked the question: ‘What positive impact can we make as consumers in 2019?’ over on Instagram. It was so wonderful to hear such positive intentions and different takes on what sustainability means + your intentions for what your consumerism will look like in 2019.

    As promised today’s post is going to map out the impact our brand will be aiming to make as a producer within the fashion industry in 2019 + also my own personal impact intentions as a consumer.

    The impact of over-production in the fashion industry

    It’s important to remember that every one of us has a role (or multiple) roles to play within the fashion industry and capitalist society in general. As we have explored before the fashion industry has one of the worst reputations for environmental impact + working conditions and for good reason. The numbers are shocking as a recent article in The Guardian highlighted:

    “In 2015, greenhouse gas emissions from textiles production globally totalled 1.2 billion tonnes of CO2 equivalent, according to a report by the industry-led Circular Fibres Initiative. This is more than the emissions of all international flights and maritime shipping combined.”

    From the production of the textiles to the production of the clothing:

    “15% of fabrics intended as clothing end their life on the cutting room floor” (Lilian Lu, Fashion Revolution Zine: Fashion Environment Change)

    To the over-consumption driving the need for ‘52 micro-seasons’ a year – yep that’s one fashion season a week according to the high street. The fast fashion industry is designed to get as much of your hard-earned cash out of your wallet and into their registers stretched out over as many purchases as possible.

    Our role as consumers

    Do you have items in your wardrobe that still bear their tags? Pieces you’ve bought in a rush or because you couldn’t wear that dress to two weddings that summer? Pieces that didn’t really fit to begin with so you know you’re not really going to wear again?

    I don’t know about you but I’ve certainly been guilty of this – in fact shopping used to be one of my favourite past times.

    And with stats like this really I do know about you:

    This is really important because staggering demand like this fuels massive growth in garment production – and results, in true capitalist style, the cheapest possible production costs. With overseas production at an all time high factories with poor or little working standards, pitiful wages + lack of regulation are where the majority of Brits’ bulging, often unworn wardrobes originate.

    And I’m afraid the problems don’t stop there. With over-production comes more waste known as ‘deadstock’:

    “H&M is sitting on a pile of unsold clothes worth $4.3 billion. In a quarterly report released last Tuesday, the company revealed that its profits are the lowest they’ve been in 16 years. The 62% decline in sales means that the company has been unable to move stock, even after marking it down at clearance sales, leaving them with billions of dollars worth of deadstock (unsold stock).” – wellmadeclothes.com

    What happens to this stock? Well firstly it goes on sale – hi there Black Friday – to make sure it gets the absolute best chance of heading to your wardrobe where it becomes your problem.

    If you’re still not tempted sometimes it gets burnt – most famously recently reported to be the case at Burberry – much of it heads to landfill or is shipped to developing countries simply passing the problem on.

    A little bit gets recycled ‘less than 1% of the material used to produce clothing globally is recycled into new clothing, with 12% recycled into other products such as insulation or mattress stuffing.’ and some of it ends up in charity shops which is becoming over-saturated with fast fashion cast-offs and costing these charities millions.

    So far so depressing…

    But there is hope!

    Over the past couple of years there has been a growing backlash against the fast fashion industry with consumers questioning ‘Who made my clothes?’ and deciding to be more thoughtful about where their clothing comes from, what they want to buy with many shunning the high street completely.

    As I mentioned at the beginning it has been so inspiring to hear so many of our followers + customers telling us how they are turning their backs on fast fashion this year and getting creative with their wardrobes again.

    And it’s not just on our grid, our social feeds are full of individuals saying no to fast fashion, influencers encouraging their followers to shop sustainably, not to mention brands becoming more transparent with their customers about their working practices, supply chains and products.

    We’re not deluding ourselves – it’s far from everyone – but it’s a wonderful start as we begin a new year.

    So without further ado

    Here are my intentions for Emperor’s impact in 2019:

    Re-working ‘deadstock’

    Yes even sustainable brands have stock that just hasn’t sold.

    The nature of one of a kind items of clothing mean it can be on the rail for much longer than the average garment that is available in many different sizes. It can take time for the person who falls in love with the unique look + feel of that garment AND who’s size corresponds with the size of the garment (although this isn’t always so much of a consideration as we do offer alterations across our ready to wear range) to find it.

    It can be a mix of patience + luck to get that garment in front of that customer but that’s ok, that’s why they call it slow fashion!

    We have a ready to wear policy at Emperor’s – an item has to be sent to every one of our stockists and go through two sales (we hold January + Summer sales) before being considered ‘deadstock’. What happens to a garment that sadly doesn’t find it’s perfect owner? It gets a new lease of life as we rework it into another one of our designs! Ready to start the process again.

    ‘Deadstock’ is a horrid term and actually just doesn’t exist within our business model. On the very rare occasion that a garment has been reworked into as many style as possible + still hasn’t sold well then we would make it into our signature accessories + so on.
    ‘Deadstock’ is a problem if you’re churning out millions of garments a season but small-scale operations like us can be way more innovative + creative with our solutions.

    Increasing our size range

    It’s not just about making clothes that are sustainably produced it’s about making them inclusive for as many people as possible. We will be working on our inclusivity throughout 2019 – if you have any feedback we’d love to hear it – and we are starting with size. We are currently working on grading all our patterns so that our size range begins at UK 4-6 and goes up to UK 18-20 (up til now it’s been UK 6-8 to UK 14-16).

    I completely appreciate this still won’t cover 100% of sizes (although we always have and are ALWAYS more than happy to create design your own garments to your measurements) but for a small business like ours it’s a big step in the right direction + we can’t wait to see more folks of all shapes + sizes in our designs soon.

    It’s also worth noting that our lettered system of sizing – XS / S / M / L etc will be replaced by a numbered system eg. UK 14-16 / EUR 40 / US 10 after your feedback from our recent social media post/poll. If you have any questions about any of these changes we are here to help!

    Sustainable haberdashery / hardware

    Again we’re pretty thorough when sourcing fabrics but we want to up our haberdashery + hardware game this year. I’m really looking forward to heading to the Sustainable Angle’s Future Fabrics Expo next week to explore new brands + hopefully meet some of the makers.

    Find more and more ways to use up our fabric scraps

    We had so much fun spreading the handmade joy with our fabric wreath kits over Christmas! And as we pointed out these kits and the finished garlands look great as wall art + celebratory decorations all year round.

    Studio Saturdays Fabric Wreath Making

    These kits will continue to feature in our online boutique and we’re aiming to add more kits + possibly some fabric scrap lucky dip bundles for crafters this year.

    We will also continue to donate them to local art projects, colleges + community organisations as we love to know that our ‘fabric waste’ is being used in creative pursuits! If you have projects that could use our small scraps please let us know.

    Going paperless – as much as possible at Emperor’s HQ

    We’re generally pretty good with recycling at the studio but this year as a team we’re aiming to reduce our use of paper even more.

    We’ve set up a studio computer + are being much more considered with our use of the printer.


    This is something we’ve already been discussing on Instagram. Again our packaging is pretty good.

    We currently wrap every item in tissue paper. Design your own orders are finished with a bow using reclaimed ballet ribbons.
    I add a handwritten note with every package + although we use white plastic envelopes they are recyclable which I feel we need to make a bit more obvious this year…

    I’d like to include more information on our brand + ethos in our packaging this year but it’s a fine line when excess packaging materials are wasteful. We’ve decided to design a new piece of literature to include in our packaging which will include a space for our handwritten note as well as more information on how to take care of your one of a kind garment.

    As I mentioned some of us have multiple roles to play in having a positive impact – I’m both a producer + a consumer. What’s the point in running a sustainable fashion label if you’re not walking the walk yourself?

    Here are my personal wardrobe + lifestyle consumer goals for 2019:

    Clearing out my wardrobe

    As I mentioned above charities are struggling to cope with the huge amounts of donations as a result of fast fashion. I’ve made sure to offer any items that I’m getting rid of to my friends first before heading to the charity shop. I’m also considering which of these items of clothing just need a bit of TLC or could be reworked.

    Investing in sustainable brands

    This is the biggie! Ultimately I want my wardrobe to be smaller but also I want to feel amazing in everything I wear – I want to feel I look good but equally I want to feel amazing about every purchase and I want to know where my money from each purchase is actually going. I won’t be buying from anywhere that isn’t either sustainable, ethical or independent going forward.

    I am currently creating a sustainable fashion wish-list (especially with my big birthday just round the corner) which includes these gorgeous jumpers from our friends at Zola Amour.


    Most of my wardrobe is vintage as I’ve been collecting pieces from the 50s + 60s for the last few years.

    I haven’t been wearing them much for the last couple of years but I want to start bringing them back into my everyday outfits, styling them with my Emperor’s dungarees + separates and sustainable investment pieces.


    I would like to drastically reduce my use of single use plastic in 2019. I’ll be taking my keep cup everywhere in my bag along with my water bottle.

    Having a tote bag folded up in my bag is also a given – I love my ‘Fashion is a Feminist Issue’ Revival Collective + ‘Empower. Support. Engage. Create’ Sister Society totes plus we’ve just started creating some Emperor’s ones so I have a good selection to choose from.

    I’m also keen to make sure the cosmetics I’m using aren’t having a terrible impact on the environment, I’m particularly keen to make sure I’m only buying from brands that don’t test on animals. I’ll be going through each item in my cabinet and replacing it with a more ethical brand when it comes to the end of its life.

    Well there you have it! This time of year can be hard and there’s a lot of pressure on how you can be this amazing new person who is going to do everything right and be failure-free. That’s not realistic.

    This is why I’d rather focus on positive impact and implementing lifestyle changes that positively contributes whatever part you play in our consumerist culture.

    So what positive impact can you make as a consumer in 2019?

    Let us know in the comments below or join in the conversation on Instagram @emperorscloth or Facebook

    Emperor’s Women of 2018

    Emperor’s Women of 2018

    It’s been such a wonderful year at Emperor’s HQ in many ways but particularly in that I’ve been surrounded by so many amazing + talented women. As the year draws to a close I wanted to take this opportunity to say a big thank you + give a shout out to these women and the work they do with our list of Emperor’s Women of 2018.

    Before we get going I have a couple of disclaimers to make:

    1.We would be nowhere without people to make clothing for. I hope it goes without saying that our customers are so so appreciated + valued here at The Emperor’s Old Clothes and you should ALL be on this list however I want to respect your privacy. To be honest this post would be waaaay too long to scroll if I put all of you in it so I’ve decided to keep it to women we’ve worked with instead. But thank you for all your support in 2018 – especially our wonderful MyEmperors club members – it means everything to us! We can’t wait to add to your wardrobes in 2019.

    2. Our stockists are also super important to us! That’s everyone at Flock in Brighton, Jude, Natasha + Fleur at Godiva in Edinburgh + Ciara and the team at Poot in Somerset plus the lovely Sophie + Jo at Four Candles. I wanted to feature you all however there were a few of you that I could not find photos of + I’m not about to feature some but not all of you – so this is your shout out! Thank you for all your support this year + for helping us to spread the handmade joy.

    3. Finally I’ve been working on this for a while + wracking my brains but I’m sure there will be people I’ve neglected to mention so apologies in advance. The truth is I’m really lucky to have a huge number of incredible women in my life so to namecheck every one of them would be quite a feat. There are also lots of women I know that I haven’t had the chance to work with yet but who are doing some awesome things so keep your eyes on the blog as I’m hoping for more collaborations in 2019. Please know that I value you all + your support of my business this year + in the years to come.


    Ok so without further ado here’s our:


    Louisa Wild - Emperor's Women of 2018


    My right hand woman! Louisa is so awesome + Emperor’s would be nowhere without her.

    She’s one of my best friends, she owns an awesome brand called Hey Kitsch Kitty + together we co-founded our feminist platform Sister Society this year.


    Geneva Radburn - Emperor's Women of 2018


    Geneva is one of our awesome seamstresses.

    She makes the majority of our accessories + works with Louisa on our ready to wear. Geneva is a talented freelance seamstress + also sells gorgeous vintage clothes.

    Ella Gilchrist - Emperor's Women of 2018


    Ella is our marketing assistant.

    Ella completed a placement with us in 2017 + she’s come back to work with after a break whilst she concentrated on her degree. Ella is a talented textiles student at Brighton University working towards her final collection.

    Nathalie Blondel - Emperor's Women of 2018


    Nathalie is my mum – can you tell?

    She’s been an awesome support, helping us with all sorts of behind the scenes jobs including threading tags, our fabric inventory + prepping our fabric wreath kits. She also teaches Iyengar Yoga in Hove.

    Carla Colucci - Emperor's Women of 2018


    Carla is our trainee seamstress.

    She’s taking part in our trainee programme to experience in a working studio + develop her sewing skills.

    Cressida - Emperor's Women of 2018


    Cress has just completed a marketing placement with us.

    She’s a fashion communications student at Brighton University currently completing her placement year.

    Lou - Emperor's Women of 2018


    Lou was part of our marketing team this year – helping us make lots of awesome upgrades to our promotional activities.

    Lou owns gorgeous lingerie label Brighton Lace + is part of the Flock boutique gang so we still get to see lots of each other!

    Skye - Emperor's Women of 2018


    Skye completed our trainee programme earlier this year + has recently been helping us out in the shop.

    Skye is a fashion buying student + all round lovely person.

    Florence - Emperor's Women of 2018


    Florence completed our trainee programme this year whilst studying for her A-Levels.

    An experienced sewer Florence always came in wearing amazing clothes she’d made herself in gorgeous linens!

    Izaskun - Emperor's Women of 2018


    Izaskun completed a marketing placement with us this Spring.

    Izas came over from Spain to help work on our new website as we were preparing to launch earlier in the year + introduced us to lots of great latin music.


    You may recognise Sarah from our website + social as not only did she complete one of our marketing placements Sarah also models for us! She is currently completing her degree at University of Brighton.

    Charlotte - Emperor's Women of 2018


    Keeping it in the family once more! Charlotte is my beautiful sister.

    She previously completed an apprenticeship with us + has continued to model for us this year. She’s currently studying Media Production in Bristol.

    George - Emperor's Women of 2018


    George joined us for a week this year for work experience week at her secondary school.

    She got a taste of all the different things we do from sewing to photography during her week with us.

    Kate - Emperor's Women of 2018


    Kate owns Pick Up Sticks Vintage + supplies us with truly beautiful fabrics.

    She is one of the owners of Flock boutique where we’re based + she does quite a bit of photography for us too. A woman of many talents!

    Maddy - Emperor's Women of 2018


    This wonderful woman helped us create our beautiful new website this year!

    Madeleine Jones owns Make your Business Shine helping businesses with all the techy stuff like web design + SEO.

    Kerry - Emperor's Women of 2018


    Kerry has been super supportive + has helped us get out there online this year.

    She owns Social Brighton offering consultancy, courses, social strategy + more. We can’t wait to be a guest on her podcast in the new year.

    Emily - Emperor's Women of 2018


    We’ve had so much fun collaborating with Emily this year!

    Emily owns sustainable fashion brand Zola Amour (check them out – their organic wardrobe staples look great with Emperor’s items) + we’ve been teaming up for photoshoots, blogs + have generally been supporting each other wherever we can.

    Andrea - Emperor's Women of 2018


    Andrea Anderson is all about creativity!

    She owns Who I Am creative coaching + she’s been supporting us with meaningful professional development this year.

    Mel - Emperor's Women of 2018


    You may have seen us in The Times recently? That’s down to Mel Fisher + her zero waste mission.

    Mel owns Zero Waste Goods + held the UK’s first and only Zero Waste Market this December. Can’t wait to see what 2019 holds for + get involved in future events.

    Wilma - Emperor's Women of 2018


    We’ve had so much fun collaborating with Wilma this year!

    Wilma Gostner is the image consultant + personal stylist behind WG Image. We’ve loved teaming up to help our bespoke customers design their one of a kind garments together this year.

    Wardrobe Conversations - Emperor's Women of 2018


    These fabulous women are Scottish blogging duo Wardrobe Conversations.

    They’ve been super supportive of Emperor’s in 2018 + we love they’re awesome attitude + playful styling.

    Ruth MacGilp - Emperor's Women of 2018


    Ruth MacGilp is a wonderful sustainable fashion blogger based in Scotland.

    We loved her feature on our design your own dungarees earlier this year + love her overall ethos + attitude to fashion.

    Mars Dilbert - Emperor's Women of 2018


    Mars Dilbert has one of our fave accounts on Instagram @life_on_mars96 and is lives just down the road from us in Brighton.

    We’ve been having lots of fun collaborating this season. We’re currently working on a pair of bespoke woollen trousers designed by Mars which we can’t wait to show you in 2019.

    Suzi Grant - Emperor's Women of 2018


    The ever enthusiastic Suzi Grant of Alternative Ageing.

    We had so much fun designing + creating a one of a kind dress for Suzi to wear to Goodwood Revival this year, beautifully captured by Sara (Notes by a Stylist). We love that bloggers like Suzi are doing their thing despite the backdrop of awful ageism displayed in media representation of women.

    Kitty Underhill - Emperor's Women of 2018


    Not sure where to begin with how awesome + inspiring Kitty Underhill is!

    Kitty is a model, body acceptance & self love advocate, speaker + does many other amazing things too.

    Kitty modelled some of our pieces for a Sister Society blogpost in the summer on body positivity + privilege. Our discussion with her on this project has spurred us to make inclusivity a top priority for Emperor’s 2019 when we’ll be adding a wider range of sizes in all of our designs.


    Pam, Jo & Sarah - Emperor's Women of 2018


    Pam is one of our lovely customers, Flock buddies where she sells stunning vintage, Jo is a writer + Sarah you have already met!

    Sienna & Beth - Emperor's Women of 2018


    Sienna lives locally + is one of our lovely non-professional models. She also walked in our Sister Society Red Collection in November.

    Beth has possibly racked up more Emperor’s shoots than any other this year?!

    Mushu & Charlotte - Emperor's Women of 2018


    Mushu is a textiles student at Brighton University + Charlotte is a singer/songwriter.

    Fenia & Shannon - Emperor's Women of 2018


    Fenia is one of our wonderful customers! Shannon is an Emperor’s shoot regular + also walked in the Red Collection Fundraiser for Sister Society.

    Imi & Sophia - Emperor's Women of 2018


    Imi is an actress, singer, dancer + florist! Lovely Sophia is a model + a Philosophy + Politics student.

    Amber - Emperor's Women of 2018


    Amber is currently studying Animal Management + we go to the same yoga class!

    Fiamma & Kim - Emperor's Women of 2018


    Fiamma is a criminology student + Kim is a model + a very new mum – congrats!


    Thank you to all the women (+ men) who made 2018 such a great year for The Emperor’s Old Clothes!

    Want to be on this list in 2019? Get in touch – we love a collaboration.

    Have a wonderful start to 2019 everyone,

    Cecily x


    Emperor’s Team Style Guide: Party Wear

    Emperor’s Team Style Guide: Party Wear

    We love a good party wear style guide – but why should our models have all the fun?

    We had a great time shooting for last week’s party wear look book blogpost but with our Christmas do at the end of this week our team wanted to get in on the action!

    Each of our team members have picked their favourite item from the current Emperor’s collection + styled it with items from their wardrobes ready to party.

    Who picked the best item + styled the best look? Inspired by last week’s look book we’ve each created a look that plays with pastels, brights + classic pieces.

    So without further ado let’s see how Team Emperor is stepping out in style this party season:

    Velvet + pastels = Cecily’s party outfit


    Cecily is the owner + designer behind The Emperor’s Old Clothes + she is wearing our ‘Pink Champagne’ velvet dungarees.

    Why have you chosen this Emperor’s piece + how have you styled it?

    I just can’t get enough of this gorgeous soft velvet!

    I had my colours done earlier this year and this pink is in my palette.

    I chose to dress up the dungarees with some monochrome – a starry shirt + going out out boots.

    And a suitably big head-bow of course…

    Where would you wear it?

    I’d wear this outfit out for cocktails with friends – you’re more likely to find me switching out the heels for pumps and heading out to dinner though!

    Do you have any New Year’s Resolutions?

    To recognise + celebrate my achievements more in 2019

    Neon + gold = Louisa’s party outfit

    Louisa is one of our awesome seamstresses + she has chosen to style our ‘Neon Leopard’ pencil two-piece

    Why have you chosen this Emperor’s piece + how have you styled it?

    I really like bright colours and orange is my favourite colour at the moment.

    Also I love leopard print and the fact it was almost abstract in this two-piece fabric.

    I styled this outfit with glittery boots and tights to add a bit of sparkle.

    Where would you wear it?

    I would wear it out to a Christmas party with friends!

    Do you have any New Year Resolutions?

    Not so much a resolution rather than an intention to be nicer to myself and improve my self care!

    Brights + sequins = Carla’s party outfit

    Carla is currently taking part in our sewing traineeship programme. She has picked our ‘Pink Pebbles’ mini skirt

    Why have you chosen this Emperor’s piece + how have you styled it?

    Because it was bright and it teamed well with the top and is a versatile piece. I like to wear bright stuff that stands out and it fit really well.

    Where would you wear it?

    I would wear it partying on a night out with the girls.

    Do you have any New Year’s Resolutions?

    To be more crafty!

    Silver + glam = Ella’s party outfit

    Ella is our wonderful marketing assistant – she has picked our ‘Silver Siren’ circle skirt

    Why have you chosen this Emperor’s piece + how have you styled it?

    I chose this circle skirt because I love how it shimmers + shines in the light.

    I love an off the shoulder top for an evening and these shoes are dressy but comfortable ready to dance the night away…

    The pouch gives it a pop of red to match my lipstick.

     Where would you wear it?

    To a Christmas disco – I’m dancefloor-ready

    Do you have any New Year’s Resolutions?

    To smash my degree!

    Glitter + sheepskin = Geneva’s party outfit

    Geneva is one of our talented seamstresses + makes most of our accessories. She’s picked the crop-top from our ‘Bronze Rose’ circle two-piece.

    Why have you chosen this Emperor’s piece + how have you styled it?

    I liked the texture of the top and I thought the cropped style went well with the high waisted trousers.

    I chose to pair the fluffy scarf with the outfit as I really like the mix of metallics and jewel colours.  

    Where would you wear it?   

    A house party with friends.

    Velvet + classic cotton = Cressida’s party outfit

    Cress is our marketing intern. She has picked our ‘Baroque Beauty’ velvet culottes.

    Why have you chosen this Emperor’s piece + how have you styled it?

    I chose the baroque beauty culottes because I love the classic colours and felt the velvet was very fitting for the festive season.

    I decided to wear my trusty white blouse tucked into the trousers with my chunky heels to make the look more dressy.

    Where would you wear it?  

    I’d wear this look to a Christmas dinner party with my family as the culottes have plenty of stretch in them so I can eat as much as possible.

    Do you have any New Year’s Resolutions?

    My new year resolution is to be more confident in myself and the things I do in relation to my university degree.

    I also want to read more books!

    Who’s outfit are you loving the most? You can purchase most of the featured items in our online boutique or have fun designing your own with us!

    Make sure you get in there quick as the deadline for pre-Christmas shipping is Monday 17th December for our design your own service + Thursday 20th December for our ready to wear clothing + accessories!

    Let us know which outfit you liked best in the comments below or join the conversation on Instagram or Facebook

    Party Outfit Ideas – What are you wearing this season?

    Party Outfit Ideas – What are you wearing this season?

    Anyone else looking ahead to a diary full of ‘socials’, festive get togethers + events before we even get to Christmas and New Year’s Eve? Never fear we have a whole host of party outfit ideas to get you feeling + looking awesome!

    We had lots of fun shooting for this post. We headed to Brighton’s Photomatic – a definite if you’re visiting our fair town from afar or just heading out for an afternoon in town.

    We recently ran a poll on our Instagram to see which textures you’re into this season and velvet beat sparkles with a whopping 80%!

    This party outfit ideas guide has something for everyone as we look at Pastels, Brights + Classics for the festive season ahead – and beyond!

    Outfits are NOT just for one night out – our clothes are made to be worn again, and again, and again.


    Amber wears ‘Regency’ Shorts Two-Piece + Sienna wears ‘Pink Champagne’ Dungarees

    Amber wears ‘Regency’ Shorts Two-Piece + Sienna wears ‘Pink Champagne’ Dungarees

    Sienna wears ‘Chain Reaction’ Pencil Skirt Two-Piece + Amber wears ‘Regency’ Shorts Two-Piece

    ‘Pink Champagne Dungarees’ + ‘Regency’ Shorts Two-Piece


    Amber wears ‘Pink Power’ Dungaree Culottes + Sienna wears ‘Kaleidoscope’ Circle Skirt Two-Piece

    ‘Kaleidoscope’ Circle Two-Piece *SOLD*

    Sienna wears ‘Kaleidoscope’ Circle Two-Piece *SOLD*


    Amber wears ‘Pink Power’ Dungaree Culottes + Sienna wears ‘Kaleidoscope’ Circle Two-Piece *SOLD*

    ‘Pink Power’ Dungaree Culottes

    Amber wears ‘Pink Power’ Dungaree Culottes + Sienna wears ‘Kaleidoscope’ Circle Two-Piece *SOLD*

    ‘Kaleidoscope’ Circle Two-Piece *SOLD*, ‘Pink Power’ Dungaree Culottes, Blue & Pink Coin Purse + Blue & Green Wool Tablet Case


    Sienna wears ‘Chain Reaction’ Pencil Skirt Two-Piece + Amber wears ‘Baroque Beauty’ Circle Skirt Two-Piece

    ‘Chain Reaction’ Pencil Skirt Two-Piece,  ‘Baroque Beauty’ Circle Skirt Two-PieceLilac Glasses Case

    Sienna wears ‘Chain Reaction’ Pencil Skirt Two-Piece + Amber wears ‘Baroque Beauty’ Circle Skirt Two-Piece

    ‘Chain Reaction’ Pencil Skirt Two-Piece,  ‘Baroque Beauty’ Circle Skirt Two-Piece, Pink Sparkly Coin Purse, Lilac Glasses Case, Pink and Green Striped Pastel Handbag

    Love a design but it’s not in your size? Design your own with us! Check out our fabric gallery + place your order online.

    Psst! Want your outfit in time for Christmas?

    If you’re in the UK you need to place design your own orders by midnight on Monday 17th December, with ready to wear orders placed by Friday 21st December. International shipping deadlines can be found here.

    What are you wearing this party season? Join the conversation on Instagram or Facebook


    Shop Independent – Christmas Gifts Guide 2018

    Shop Independent – Christmas Gifts Guide 2018

    We’re very excited to present our Shop Independent Christmas Gifts Guide for 2018!

    As you know we champion all things independent + handmade here at The Emperor’s Old Clothes. We’ve had so much fun compiling this year’s gift guide packed full of beautiful + useful gifts made with love from a host of amazingly talented UK independent designers + brands.

    To be honest it’s basically my Christmas wish-list (hint hint)…

    It’s SO important to support your local + independent businesses especially at this time of year! ?

    Where would you rather spend your hard earned cash? On the high street where items are more often than not made overseas for a pittance from polluting materials or from smaller brands who who champion the handmade by paying a living wage, support the development of their teams + consciously create their pieces to cause less harm to the environment??

    Without further ado:

    Shop Independent Christmas Gifts Guide for 2018

    Shop Independent - Christmas Gifts Guide 2018 - Christmas Presents

    Shop Independent - Christmas Gifts Guide 2018 - Gift Flatlay

    Handmade Laptop Case, £38, The Emperor’s Old Clothes; Handmade Concrete Planter with a Succulent or Cactus, £20, HiCacti; Recycled Brass Monstera Leaf Earrings, £35, Izzie Artisan; Fun recycled card A5 paper-cut notebook, £8.50, Pork Chops Paper Cuts; Silk Yellow Print Scarf, £70, Jennifer Hamley; Hand-painted Enamel Mug, £16.50, Pick Up Sticks Vintage

    Shop Independent - Christmas Gifts Guide 2018 - The Emperor's Old Clothes Laptop Case

    Handmade Laptop Case, £38 , The Emperor’s Old Clothes

    Shop Independent - Christmas Gifts Guide 2018 - Hi Cacti Yellow Concrete Planter

    Handmade Concrete Planter Planter with Succulent or Cactus, £20, HiCacti

    Shop Independent - Christmas Gifts Guide 2018 - Hi Cacti Yellow Concrete Planter

    Made in Brighton, Hi Cacti started in 2015. The pots are inspired by the aesthetics of Mexico and its art, but more specifically their colourful concrete cemeteries.

    Shop Independent - Christmas Gifts Guide 2018 - Izzie Artisan Monstera Leaf Earrings

    Recycled Brass Monstera Leaf Earrings, £35, Izzie Artisan

    Shop Independent - Christmas Gifts Guide 2018 - Sofia wears Izzie Artisan Monstera Leaf Earrings

    Beautiful handcrafted Monstera Deliciosa stud earrings in recycled brass made by Izzie Artisan. Add a touch of golden glamour to your outfit with these striking earrings that are sure to turn heads.

    Shop Independent - Christmas Gifts Guide 2018 - Pork Chops Paper Cuts Notebooks

    Fun recycled card A5 Paper-cut Notebook, £8.50, Pork Chops Paper Cuts

    Shop Independent - Christmas Gifts Guide 2018 - Pork Chops Paper Cuts Notebook

    PorkChops® paper cut, hand finished, blank paged super-notebooks that will make any discerning note taker, doodler, dreamer or organiser very jealous. Gift messages are also available to make your notebook gifts personal!

    Shop Independent - Christmas Gifts Guide 2018 - Corinne Taylor Holistic Therapies Himalayan Bath Salts

    Uplift Himalayan Salt Body Scrub, £24.95, Corinne Taylor Holistic Therapies

    In their workshop based in East Sussex, Corinne Taylor makes natural, plant-based aromatherapy products using essential oils. All Corinne Taylor products are 100% free from Palm oil, sls, parabens, synthetic fragrance and mineral oils, and are never animal tested. What’s not to love?!

    Shop Independent - Christmas Gifts Guide 2018 - Corinne Taylor Holistic Therapies

    Calm Himalayan Crystal Bath Salts, £22.95; Inner Peace Soy Aromatherapy Candle, £26.50; Love Aromatherapy Room and Linen Mist, £19.50; Uplift Himalayan Salt Body Scrub, £24.95; All Corinne Taylor Holistic Therapies



    Shop Independent - Christmas Gifts Guide 2018 - Jennifer Hamley Scarf

    Hand-drawn and dyed ‘Bloom’ Silk Square Scarf, £70, Jennifer Hamley

    Jennifer Hamley’s creations include striking lines, bold colours, innovative features and premium materials. Jennifer’s scarves are hand-drawn and dyed and are made with 100% silk. Also Included with each scarf is a pack of 20 styling cards so you’ll never be stuck on ways to wear your beautiful design!

    Shop Independent - Christmas Gifts Guide 2018 - Christmas Gift Flatlay

    Sustainable no-roll neck jumper, £125, Zola Amour; Scarlet Red Tiger Lily Lace Lingerie Set, £48, Brighton Lace; Wool Polka Beanie, £45, K.Moods, Orange Vintage Tapestry Purse, £12; Red Shimmer Purse, £12; both The Emperor’s Old Clothes

    Shop Independent - Christmas Gifts Guide 2018 -Sofia wears Zola Amour Striped Jumper

    Sustainable no-roll neck jumper, £125, Zola Amour

    Shop Independent - Christmas Gifts Guide 2018 - Zola Amour Striped Jumper

    Zola Amour is a Brighton based sustainable clothing company committed to be 100% transparent with their supply chain. Their entire collection is made using only natural, organic certified fabrics and textiles they can give a second life. Every item by Zola Amour is considered by ensuring all the materials used are fully biodegradable or recyclable.

    Shop Independent - Christmas Gifts Guide 2018 - The Emperor's Old Clothes Purses

    Handmade Purses, £12 each, by The Emperor’s Old Clothes

    The Emperor’s Old Clothes is a British clothing label designing and creating beautiful one-of-a-kind clothing & accessories for women and men. We’re dedicated to sustainable fashion working exclusively with vintage fabrics & end-of-roll remnants which would otherwise find their way to landfill. Every item is handmade by our all-female team in our Brighton studio.

    Shop Independent - Christmas Gifts Guide 2018 - K.Mood Beanie

    ​Made from 100% British Wool Polka Beanie, £45, K.Moods

    Kathleen from K.Moods is a textiles designer and maker who makes sustainable, comfortable knitwear which bring delight through colour. K.Moods aim to be zero waste – so you can wear guilt-free – and create pieces based around the slow fashion ethos.

    K.Moods use waste, recycled, or second-hand yarn where they can, and garments last the distance in design and make.

    Shop Independent - Christmas Gifts Guide 2018 - Brighton Lace Lingerie

    Beautiful Scalloped Scarlet Red Lace Lingerie Set, £48, Brighton Lace

    Brighton Lace is a Brighton based lingerie business which was founded by Lou. She cares passionately about creating a sustainable fashion business that gives back – to the individual, local and global community. With the help of two lovely seamstresses, Brighton Lace is a three women team who come together to handcraft every element of their underwear.

    Shop Independent - Christmas Gifts Guide 2018 - Christmas Present Flatlay

    ‘Dotty Dozen’ Purple Polka Dot Dungarees, £135, The Emperor’s Old Clothes; Mini KT Bag, £325, Jennifer Hamley; Irridescent Green PVC Purse, £18; Irridescent Pink PVC Purse, £18 both Hey Kitsch Kitty; Fun recycled card A5 Papercut Notebook, £8.50, Pork Chops Paper Cuts; Love Aromatherapy Room and Linen Mist, £19.50; Calm Himalayan Crystal Bath Salts, £22.95 both Corrine Taylor Holistic Therapies

    Shop Independent - Christmas Gifts Guide 2018 - Jennifer Hamley Bag

    Aubergine Mini KT Bag in Calfskin Leather, £325, Jennifer Hamley 

    Shop Independent - Christmas Gifts Guide 2018 - Beth wears Jennifer Hamley Bag

    All the leathers by Jennifer Hamley are specifically selected, tanned and dyed for their exclusive use. A donation from every bag sale funds an education programme for disadvantaged young girls. So not only are you buying something lovely, you’re also helping a worthwhile and important cause!

    Shop Independent - Christmas Gifts Guide 2018 - The Emperor's Old Clothes Dungarees

    Handmade loose-fit ‘Dotty Dozen’ Polka Dot Dungarees, £135, The Emperor’s Old Clothes

    Shop Independent - Christmas Gifts Guide 2018 - Hey Kitsch Kitty Envelope Purse

    Shimmery transparent PVC Purse, £18; Iridescent Pink PVC Purse, £18 both Hey Kitsch Kitty

    Shop Independent - Christmas Gifts Guide 2018 - Gift Wrapping

    We hope we’ve inspired you to SHOP SMALL this festive season – don’t forget when you buy something from an independent brand an actual person does a little dance!

    Comment below to let us know which items you have your eye on!

    Give your loved one a hint by sending them the link to this gift guide + join the conversation on social @emperorscloth


    Photography – Kate Branthwaite
    Models – Beth Shenton + Sophia Allison

    Welcome to The Emperor’s Old Clothes blog. Have a browse and enjoy our latest news on handmade clothes and sustainable fashion.

    – Cecily & the Team

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