• We love collaborating with other talented female businesses and WG Image is no exception. We’re excited to be teaming up with Wilma of WG Image this season combining her personal styling consultancy to our bespoke tailoring services.

    We met Wilma when she was shopping at our Brighton stockist Flock and immediately loved the way she was styling her Emperor’s garments. Wilma has already changed the way I approach my wardrobe after our colour analysis session and I knew I wanted you – our clients – to reap the benefits from her expertise too.

    You can find our more about how the packages we are collaborating on can transform your wardrobe here, as well as booking your taster session at our Studio Saturday event on 13th October.

    Let’s find out more about Wilma:

    What is your background + how did you become a personal stylist & image consultant?

    Hi! My name is Wilma and I am the proud owner of WG Image Style Consultancy.

    My previous job involved travelling all over the world which inspired my creative expression, interest in people and the varying styles in different countries along within their cultures, traditions and appearance. I have always had an interest and passion in personal style and being Italian it is probably in my genes, it made sense to combine my natural skill in relating to others making people feel confident in how they dress.

    My services include: Colour Analysis, Style Consultation, Wardrobe Editing and Management along with Personal Shopping locally and further afield, depending on the client’s preferred choice of destination.

    What aspect do you love most about your job?

    What I love most about my job is that I can actually make someone really happy! It’s that smile of confidence I can see on my clients face by knowing their perfect colour match, what suits their body shape best and enhances their uniqueness.

    I take the guesswork out of the equation when shopping, save them money and precious time.

    Creating confidence with personal styling - colour swatches

    What is the importance/value of knowing what colours and styles suit you best?

    To me it is the simplicity of knowing you will look good, fresh and healthy in your best colour matches even without make up, knowing your body shape and style is equally as important and will avoid you being worn by your clothes, to the contrary, your personal style is portrayed by you wearing the garment.


    What is your personal style?

    Ha! My personal style, not sure I want to give that away!? Only joking. My personal style definitely falls under EFFORTLESS CHIC!!!

    I am a huge fan of classic smart with a hint of rock to it. I love a trouser suit in heels and junky jewellery. But then I also like wearing it with trainers.

    Can you tell us about a favourite experience that you’ve had working with a client?

    Yes, absolutely! I guess I am very lucky being able to make someone’s life a lot easier when it comes to clothes. They all seem to turn into wonderful experiences each one of them.

    It is a very personal service, you start building a “clothes” relationship with the client. We all wear clothes, every day, and by adding that spark of joy to their wardrobe it takes away one less worry: Will it fit? Is this the right colour for me? Will it go with the rest of my wardrobe?

    Being able to boost someone’s confidence helping them how they dress makes it a favourite experience each time!


    What are you looking forward to in the collaboration with us?

    I am a big fan of Cecily’s work and have taken clients to The Emperor’s Old Clothes several times before with great results.

    Being able to fuse our talents and passion together with the understanding of our clients needs will yield stunning results!

    Get a taster of what personal styling & tailoring can do for your wardrobe with our ‘Styled + Stitched’ Studio Saturday event on 13th October now.

    Appointments are very limited so book now to avoid disappointment!

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