• Here at Emperor’s HQ we’re big supporters of a capsule wardrobe. We love working with our customers to design garments that they will love to wear again, again and again! With so many of our customers spread out across the country, and indeed the world, we don’t often get a chance to see your one of a kind garments in action. Except when you send us and tag us in your photos which we love by the way…

    So this week we’re super excited to invite you into the wardrobe and home of one of our biggest Brighton fans: the gorgeous Suzi Jench.

    Since discovering us Suzi has been thoughtfully creating her Emperor’s capsule wardrobe – each piece working across different activities and occasions from nights out with friends to the school run + everything in between. Suzi likes to mix her two-pieces, culottes + shorts in with vintage and second-hand items meaning she no longer shops from mainstream shops or the high street.

    We love Suzi’s attitude towards her wardrobe and how she makes the most out of every single item. So without further ado let’s have a nose around her house + learn the story behind her favourite Emperor’s items through her conversation with owner Cecily:

    Blue Floral Amy Dress

    C: So this was your first dress I believe; I’m pretty sure this one was from your personalised samples wasn’t it?

    S: It was and I think what happened is that you gave me a sample that had a slightly different colour-way which I liked but I was worried it might be too much.

    C: The flowers were denser weren’t they..

    S: Yes, they were denser blue. Although I loved it I was hoping we’d find something a bit more me, with a more neutral background and there it was!

    C: And we had to line it because it was quite fine but actually this cotton we use is pretty fine anyway.

    S: It’s so breathable and light to wear in the summer it’s lovely and has little pockets which I love.

    C: We’re going to be doing a lot more pockets coming up so that’s quite exciting. And then obviously the V neckline as well because it’s not as popular a style – I think because some people just don’t realise we do it as much as we don’t do as many of them but I think it’s really suited to the horizontal print as well.

    C: And what kind of context have you been wearing this in?

    S: I first wore it to a comedy night and it was boiling, boiling hot and it was just the perfect thing to wear. I have also worn it during the day but it does feel a little too special and dressy to just pop on for a regular day.

    C: I think dresses are a bit like that a little bit more stand out piece rather than the separates which are a bit more every day to day.

    Black Floral Mini-skirt

    S: The mini again was chosen for the fabric – I just loved it. That was a sample and once I felt it’s texture i thought that could be a really nice mini and it is. I love it, I’ve worn it a lot already.

    C: Because you weren’t sure to begin with the mini then you tried them on…

    S: …I wasn’t sure if I needed something a bit more a-line, but it works so well.

    C: Well it was a new design. I think that’s what happens when the new stuff comes out you kind of have to think how it’s going to fit with the other pieces that you normally wear but also obviously not every new design is for everyone so its which one you’re more drawn to.

    S: Absolutely. And I have worn it with this dark grey tee, just tights and black boots. It’s nice to not have too many things chucked in the mix, right?

    C: And that works more to the capsule wardrobe idea…

    S: Yeah that’s where I’m trying to get to – keeping it simple. There’s also very little here that’s new apart from my leather jacket I think; everything’s second-hand or vintage from eBay or Flock or elsewhere.

    Geometric Culottes

    S: I think these are my all time favourites, I love these so much. It’s the fabric that sold me and I knew the weight of them would be really, really nice; they just hang beautifully. They get the most compliments of all the pieces; on the school run honestly someone will always stop me and ask me where they’re from, everyone loves them. They’re such a flattering style, particularly for my shape because they nip you in and everything else is just skimmed over and the length is great too so you can still see your ankles.

    Customer Capsule Wardrobe - Suzi's geometric print woven culottes

    C: I always think that kind of opens up the possibility for shoes, if you’re wearing black skinny jeans or even normal jeans or trousers, I find it harder to pair different kind of shoes with that really but with these I think it’s partly the distance so they can be more of a statement or less of a statement depending on what you choose. And that fabrics just very unusual, wonderful, woven.

    White Lace Cotton Top

    C: I firmly believe it’s going to come into it’s own..

    S: It’s definitely going to come into it’s own this AW! I saw at first the bright blue version of it and then you showed me the white and I was like ‘oh my goodness’ I’d love to have a top in that and again, I went with my classic V shape and I think yes, just because its double-lined it’s been too warm so far this year.

    S: I think a pair of jeans with it I think will be really nice.

    C: Its quite a nice alternative to a white tee, it’s a bit more interesting..

    S: Oh really nice, definitely.

    Golden Silk Tee

    C:  And this was from our Studio Saturday with one of Kate’s fabrics…

    S: …I thought the tee would be a really nice way to get the most use out of such lovely fabric.

    C: And those kind of fabrics an only do certain designs like the shift dress which I don’t think you were as drawn to.

    Customer Capsule Wardrobe - Suzi's gold and black silk tee

    S: No I think that is one of the few that wouldn’t do me any favours but the tee is great because I can tuck it in or wear it over the top of skinny’s. I wore it out the other night with black skinny jeans and I turned them up a little bit with the black boots and it gave the top a bit of edge. I’m wondering with the culottes if it might look a bit formal but then that’s a good workwear look.

    Cosy Catherine Dress

    C: The Catherine: that was a samples one.

    S: It was, there were loads of lovely ones, there always are, but I just loved the feel of it as much as the colours really and it’s such a comfortable piece to wear. So, so comfortable.

    C: And again it’s that thing of like the Catherine is quite a formal shape normally but because of the fabric choice it’s not and you don’t have the restriction then of wearing it on occasions.

    S: Exactly and because it’s soft and more flowing you can get away with it. Like when I wore it with the leather jacket it kind of worked and you can vary the shoes a bit because it’s not too formal.

    C: And I guess that’s the benefits of the samples for this one because if you’d just seen it as a photo in Instagram stories or something I don’t think you’d necessarily be able tell it was going to have that softness that’s the difference really with that process and I really like that we did the green bias binding.

    S: I love it, it’s gorgeous.

    Bold Floral Circle Two Piece

    S: This one: I saw the fabric when I was shopping in London and fell in love with it – I immediately thought ‘circle two piece’. I just looked at it and thought that’s just going to be beautiful so I texted you to see how much of it you’d need.

    C: Perfect because you get that huge volume of print!

    S: Exactly. So when I wore it out recently to a party in a dark cocktail bar, I didn’t walk in and feel too dressed up, but after a little while, someone spotted it and then they want to touch it and feel it and everyone loved it. I didn’t feel self-conscious thinking I’m wearing a great big petticoated-out number because it’s nipped in so nicely at the waist.

    C: I think the pockets make it more laid back too.

    S: Yes, definitely and the two piece element does as well. I think if it was a dress it might feel a bit more ‘prommy’ but it doesn’t cause it’s broken up a little bit.

    C: And because of the flatness of the top you get to see the print still whereas with the fall of the skirt you’re just seeing aspects of it and it’s quite nice to have that contrast. And you always go sleeveless pretty much?

    S: I do get the odd tee but most of my stuff is sleeveless and then I pop a cardi on – it just suits me.

    C: I think the way the weather is going now that’s kind of what you have to do really because it could be snowing in the morning and baking hot in the afternoon.

    Cropped Teal Velvet Jacket

    C: My current fave of yours is this jacket…

    S: Yeah! I just fell in love with both the velvet and the silky lining which were both included in my samples. I thought the jacket would be ideal because the velvet is quite thick, then you put the gorgeous lining in.

    C: Yeah and we just had enough which was really good – it’s great because it’s kind of a surprise element.

    S: And lovely that you can fold back the cuffs if you want to – I think that’s going to give it loads more versatility for me.

    Classic Black Culottes

    S: I knew I needed those in my life – the perfect slightly alternative black trousers.

    C: They were a bit more of a ‘need’ rather than seeing a fabric and falling in love.

    S: They were based on the fact that these were so successful (blue geometric culottes) that I just wanted a staple, go to pair in black .

    C: And that goes back into the capsule wardrobe thing which is the aim.

    Big thanks to Suzi for inviting us into her beautiful home! Such a pleasure to see her garments in situ.

    Which of Suzi’s Emperor’s items is your fave? Have you ever considered a capsule wardrobe?

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