• Design Your Own Clothes

    Choose from our ready to wear designs but with custom fabric of your choice

     Always wanted to design your own clothes? With our popular ‘design your own’ service you can take control of your wardrobe.

    Choose your favourites from our garment styles and our wide range of fabrics for made-to-measure clothing you won’t see on anyone else.

    We’re dedicated to sustainable fashion working exclusively with vintage fabrics & end-of-roll remnants which would otherwise find their way to landfill. This also means that when you buy a new item of clothing you are adding another chapter to the story of each beautiful cloth. Every item is handmade by our all-female team in our Brighton studio for a living wage.

    Whilst we create plenty of wonderful outfits for formal events like weddings and parties, the majority of our customers design their wardrobe staples with us. That perfect skirt that goes with everything, that super comfy pair of dungarees that always gets you lots of compliments. We believe feel-good, sustainable fashion can be affordable and fun.

    Change the way you shop today and design your wardrobe with us.

    “Wonderful, personal service – Cecily is a joy to deal with. The dresses are such high quality. I’m becoming a regular customer.”


    Step by Step Guide to How It Works

    STEP 1

    Choose your favourite shape from our range of designs

    All our dresses, two-pieces and tops can be ordered without sleeves or with short or 3/4 length sleeves as you prefer.

    STEP 2

    Choose your fabric from the swatches below or get in touch for personalised samples from our current studio fabric collection

    STEP 3

    Give us your measurements using our handy measurement guide

    Need more info?

    Check out our blogpost on how to take your body measurements + pop one of our handy measuring kits into your basket.

    STEP 4

    Place your order via our website and get ready to fall in love with your one-of-a-kind garment


    Your garment is complete.
    To ensure you get the most out of your new and beautiful piece, we recommend you take the following steps to take care.
    Always check the care instructions on the garment label.
    Wash any machine wash items on a cool temperature.
    Iron ‘machine wash’ items with care. Turn the garment instead out and using a press cloth such as a pillowcase in between the iron and garment.
    When you buy from us, you are buying a garment for life.
    If anything changes we are always available to:
    Lower hems
    Adjust waistbands
    and much more…

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