• We love a new design and this season has been no exception with the release of our Louisa trousers. These trousers aren’t just popular with our lovely customers, our team have fallen head over heels too! So this week we’re showing you how our team style their trousers.

    This design comes in two styles: high-waisted for a preppy feel or low-waisted for laid-back comfort.

    As you know with Emperor’s the possibilities are endless with so many colours, textures & patterns to choose from. We love that we get to create one of a kind clothing that beautifully matches your one of a kind personalities.

    How our team styles their trousers - the whole gang

    We asked Louisa, Geneva, Cecily + Nathalie which fabric they went for and how they are styling their pairs as we head into autumn…


    How our team style their trousers - Louisa

    The fabric I chose was originally a curtain from the 1980s. I thought it was unusual and unlikely that anyone else would pick it for trousers. I knew this fabric would go with lots of colours and look great with a clashing print.

    How our team style their trousers - Louisa's colourful trousers

    I’d say my inspiration for this garment was clown chic! The original curtain had this yellow ruff along the edge which I was tempted to trim the hems with but in the end I decided to go without.

    How our team style their trousers - Louisa's colourful outfit

    I love the geometric shapes in the pattern of my jumper against the line pattern of the trousers. I chose to wear this pink floral shirt, which is one my favourites so I wear it a lot, because it is the same colour as my hair! In terms of accessories I found these pompoms and made myself some earrings; again they match my hair and also the colours in my trousers. These are my normal trainers – I pretty much only wear sparkly hi-tops.

    How our team style their trousers - Louisa's sparkly trainers


    How our team style their trousers - Geneva

    I got given this beautiful fabric a while ago, I didn’t know what I wanted to make from it until I realised it would be great in this new style of trouser and also perfect autumn/winter wear. I like that it’s black and will go with everything in my wardrobe.

    How our team style their trousers - Geneva's autumn outfit

    It’s a wool mix which is really convenient as it means I can wash it easily plus it’s also really soft.

    How our team style their trousers - Geneva's wool trousers

    What really drew me to this fabric is the subtle but colourful pinstripe. Because it has lots of colours it will go perfectly with lots of different colour tops.

    How our team style their trousers - Geneva's black wool trousers

    I’ve matched it this pretty green jumper, bright vintage checked scarf, my trusty leather boots and favourite green canvas bag. I love jewel colours, especially for the winter and the green in the trousers goes perfectly with my jumper.


    How our team style their trousers - Cecily

    I fell in love with the subtle almost silvery stripes in this vintage navy wool. Navy is one of my colours (I recently had them done with Wilma at WG Image) so I knew the trousers would go with lots of other items in my wardrobe.

    How our team style their trousers - Cecily's navy trousers

    I’ve paired it with one of our cute peplum tops with a pastel merry-go-round print. I’ve layered up with a dark grey cardigan & chunky scarf – I love grey!

    How our team style their trousers - Cecily's peplum top

    I know people say not to mix these two colours but I like navy with black. These are my go-to ankle boots, I like rolling up the hems of our trousers and dungarees to show a little bit of ankle.

    How our team styles their trousers - Cecily's boots

    Whilst I have some loud high-waisted Louisa trousers I went for the low-waisted style for this fabric. This vintage wool is nice + cosy, not at all scratchy, so they will take me into winter.



    How our team style their trousers - Nathalie

    I opted for a charcoal grey boiled wool for my low-waisted Louisa trousers. I like the fact the fabric is plain so it’s very versatile and goes with everything. It’s also very thick so it’s cosy going into winter.

    How our team style their trousers - Nathalie's wool trousers

    I particularly love the pockets – they’re essential! I also love the flexibility of this shape so I can choose to turn up the hems or not depending on my outfit. They’re also nice + fitted so there’s no need for a belt and they are a flattering shape. I love that they’re urban but comfortable as I’m normally in jogging bottoms or leggings for work.

    How our team style their trousers - Nathalie's grey wool trousers

    I’ve matched them with my soft green jumper and mustard linen shoulder bag. Charcoal is a good colour to match with loads of colours & I’m trying to get away from wearing so much black so these tick all the boxes!

    Shop our current Louisa trouser collection online now.

    You can find a selection of our high-waisted Louisas at both our Brighton stockist Flock + at our colourful Edinburgh stockist Godiva. And of course you can design your own with us! Simply decide between low or high-waisted, pick your fabric from our current studio collection (or provide your own) + get ready to strut your stuff this season.

    Not that you’ve seen how our team style their trousers tell us which of our team’s outfits is your fave! Comment below or let us know on Instagram or Facebook.

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