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    We’ve been at this handmade clothing game for quite a while now and time and again customers have the same dilemma: they are a different size in every place they shop.

    Are you a size 12 in one shop and a size 18 in another? It is super tricky.

    This is where the beauty of tailoring comes in.

    With our ‘Design your own’ service you get to pick from our garment designs + gallery of vintage + dead-stock fabrics for clothing made to your measurements.

    Love the idea but unconfident about having to take and send us your measurements? No problem! Simply grab a friend and follow the steps in our easy ‘How to take your body measurements’ guide:


    Some of our wonderful customers like us to have all their measurements on file so they can shop across the collection in the knowledge we’ll adjust garments where needed to make sure they get that perfect fit.

    If that’s you then follow the each video and record all the measurements.

    If you’re just interested in one garment type use this handy chart to see which measurements we need from you:

    Culottes / Trousers / Shorts Waist, hips, leg length
    Dungarees / Dungaree-culottes / Playsuits Bust, waist, hips, leg length
    Two-pieces / Dresses Bust, waist, hips, top length (to waist), skirt length Sleeve length, bicep (if required)
    Tops Bust, waist, top length Sleeve length, bicep (if required)
    Skirts Waist, hips, skirt length
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    Size Guide

    Below is our international size guide including bust, waist and hip measurements in inches & centimetres.We hope that this chart helps you find your perfect garment size with us.However, we are used to altering designs to fit customers who are in between sizes so if you have any specific requirements or need any help please don't hesitate to get in touch.
    4-6 32 2 32in 81.5cm 25in 63.5cm 35in 89cm
    6-8 34 4 34.5in 88cm 26.5in 67.5cm 36in 91.5cm
    10-12 36 6 36in 92cm 28in 71.5cm 38in 97cm
    12-14 38 8 40in 102cm 32in 81.5cm 42in 107cm
    14-16 40 10 44in 112cm 36.5in 93cm 47in 119.5cm
    18-20 46 14 50in 127cm 42in 106.5cm 52in 132cm
    22-24 50 18 56in 142cm 48in 122cm 58in 147cm
    26-28 56 22 62in 157.5cm 54in 137.5cm 64in 162.5cm
    30-32 62 26 68in 172.5cm 60in 152.5cm 70in 178cm

    We are in the process of extending our size range. This is quite a lengthy process for a small brand but it is something we are 100% committed to.If we don't currently go up or down to your size please get in touch with your measurements + we can create you your dream 'design your own' garment!

    Check out our guide to taking your own body measurements & our handy measuring kits

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