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  • Shop Independent Holiday Gift Guide 2019

    We’re so excited to present our ‘Shop Independent Gift Guide 2019’!

    It’s that time of year again when you’re thinking about what to gift your friends + family this holiday season. As you know, here at The Emperor’s Old Clothes we love to support independent + local businesses. We truly believe that everyone should be more mindful when it comes to their Christmas shopping and should consider how this time of year creates so much unnecessary waste.

    Gifts on the high-street are more often than not, mass-produced and harmful to the planet and the people that create them. Buying from local + independent businesses who pay the UK living wage and support and endorse the creativity and development of their teams is so important, especially at this time of year.

    We’ve had lots of fun picking out amazing products from some of our favourite independent brands championing all things handmade and locally produced. We aim to inspire you to be more mindful this holiday season – we hope you’re just as excited as we are about these gorgeous products!

    All That is Braw

    All That Is Braw is the home of cosy flannel pyjamas for the whole family and bright and brilliant dressing up capes and crowns for mini superheroes.

    Each item is designed and made in rural Scotland by Eilidh and her small team of skilled seamstresses. Eilidh is committed to pushing against fast fashion and reducing waste; scraps and offcuts are used in bibs, wall hangings and the occasional quilt with the last unusable scraps keeping the worms warm in the compost heap.

    All That Is Braw items are available all year round, depending on fabric stock. Items bought from All That Is Braw are made to order, so if you have any sizing requests or requirements, these can be added to any order. Made to order items have a processing time of 3-4 weeks and last order dates for Christmas will be 30th November.

    However, if you love All That Is Braw’s products but aren’t quite sure what you’d like to buy yet, vouchers are available to buy right up until 19th December!

    Nyome is holding the Rosehip Crop Top, £40; Maxxie is holding ‘Wide as the Clyde’ trousers, £85; Meera is holding the Rosehip Pyjama Trousers, £52 by All That Is Braw

    The Rosehip Crop started as a pyjama top but they’re not going to tell you when to wear it. It’s simple oversized style looks as good with jeans as it does with pyjama bottoms. This navel grazing top features wide armholes and a shallow V neck and can be worn alone or layered over long sleeved tops.

    The Rosehip pyjamas are beautifully soft. They’ll be the first thing you put on when you step in from work and you won’t want to take them off.

    These comfy pjs are also perfect for long lazy weekends, drinking tea, eating comfort food and settling down to old movies.

    The ‘Wide as the Clyde’ trousers are brand new: £85 All That Is Braw

    Website: www.allthatisbraw.uk
    Instagram: @allthatisbraw


    Izzie Artisan

    Izzie is jewellery designer based in Brighton, creating botanical and wildlife themed jewellery from reclaimed materials. She works mainly with recycled silver, creating each design from scratch using traditional hammering, soldering and engraving techniques.

    Nyome is wearing the 18ct Gold Plated Monstera Studs, £89 by Izzie Artisan

    Izzie Artisan’s pieces are gold plated at a small specialist workshop in London. She also works with reclaimed copper and brass which she sources locally. She is inspired by explorations in the wild as well as the flora and fauna living in her garden.

    Maxxie is wearing the 18ct Gold Plated Hoop Earrings, £59 by Izzie Artisan

    Meera is wearing the 18ct Gold Plated Star Earrings, £49 and 18ct Gold Plated Star Pendant, £59, by Izzie Artisan


    Izzie Artisan’s amazing jewellery is available all year round, however if you want something just in time for Christmas please order by 10th December for Gold Plated items and all other items by 16th December.

    Izzie Artisan also offers a personalisation service, so if you would like your jewellery personalised or have any questions about Izzie Artisan’s jewellery and international orders please contact Izzie here.

    Website: etsy.com/izzieartisan
    Instagram: @izzieartisan

    Zero Waste Path Shop

    Zero Waste Path Shop are a small independent, 100% vegan and palm oil free business making handmade sustainable cosmetics and skincare products.

    Their range goes from natural soap and shampoo bars, to zero waste moisturisers and deodorants.

    Nyome is holding the Red Clay Soap Bar, £5, Lavender Soap Bar, £5 and Aloe Vera Soap Bar, £5 by Zero Waste Path

    As zero wasters and vegans themselves they are always looking for ways to make their business more ethical and sustainable.

    Nyome is holding the Lavender & Tea Tree Deodorant, £5.50 and Balsamic Balm for Lips, Hands and Body, £5.50 by Zero Waste Path

    Zero Waste Path Shop is available all year round, however they will close for the Christmas holidays on December 19th. The last day you can place an order will be on the 18th December.

    What Lydia Made

    What Lydia Made is a contemporary underwear brand focusing on bespoke inclusive sizing, comfort, modern design-led aesthetics, handmade production, and body positivity. Handmade by Lydia + Sophie in Lydia’s Glasgow studio using 100% cotton, cotton with minimal elastane + 100% tencel fabrics.

    There are quite a few beautiful colourways + styles to choose from. Each set is made to measure + Lydia has a great little video guide on her site for how to take your measurements.

    Image by What Lydia Made + team – photo credit @theodoravanduin

    Order slots are up for grabs just once a month so make sure you pop it in your diary. This beautiful underwear is worth the wait! If you have any questions about the order process or Christmas availability please get in touch with Lydia.

    Website: whatlydiamade.com

    Instagram: @whatlydiamade

    Zola Amour

    Timeless wardrobe essentials. Designed by Emily, and handmade for a living wage by her mum in Brighton, England. All of Zola Amour’s fabrics are made out of Earth-friendly organic fabrics.

    Nyome is holding The Softest Cotton T-Shirt in Dark Grey, £45 by Zola Amour; Meera is holding The Softest Cotton T-Shirt in Light Grey, £45 by Zola Amour

    Zola Amour don’t believe in developing season specific products as it’s always Summer somewhere, so they offer their full range of products all year round.

    Zola Amour’s cotton tees are made out of GOTS certified organic cotton, which was knitted by the ‘Discovery Knitting’ Mill based in the UK and stitched in GOTS certified organic cotton thread.

    If you would like your new Zola Amour garment in time for Christmas, the last chance to order is 19th December. If you are local to us in Brighton, Zola Amour have a pop-up shop open until 6pm on Christmas Eve. Find them here: 23 Dukes Lane, Brighton, BN1 1BG.

    Website: zolaamour.com
    Instagram: @zolaamouruk


    K.Moods aims to create textiles that are sustainable and comfortable, while designing with zero-waste and along the slow fashion ethos. Each K.Moods piece is made by hand on a domestic knitting machine in our Edinburgh studio.

    Nyome is wearing the Sunset Geo Scarf, £125 by K.Moods

    The colourful winter accessories contrast against Scotland’s harsh winters, bringing a bright enthusiasm to design and textiles.

    Meera is wearing the Ziggy Beanie – Orange and Green, £45 by K.Moods

    This cosy Ziggy Beanie by K.Moods will keep your head warm and your attitude bright. Made in Edinburgh from British wool, it is double-layered for extra warmth and pulls down to cover your ears against wind. The Ziggy Beanie is bright orange and features a repeat zig-zag pattern in green, with a contrast blue pom-pom.

    All of K.Moods products are made to order and the deadline for Christmas orders is the 12th December as all products take up a week to make. The deadline for ordering ready-made items is 20th December. Other colour-ways of the scarf will be available soon on their website.

    Website: kmoods.com
    Instagram: @kmoods

    Rebecca Wise Studio

    Rebecca Wise Studio creates handmade and hand painted ceramics, art and illustration. Inspired by body positivity, exploring the nude figure and nature. Rebecca loves painting with bold and bright pastel colours and drawing in an illustrative style.

    Nude Figures Boob Mug, £26 by Rebecca Wise Studio

    All of Rebecca Wise’s ceramics are made with lead free clay and underglazes and all my packaging is either recycled, eco friendly or biodegradable.

    Maxxie is holding the Botanical Mugs, from £16 + the Nude Figures Boob Mug, £26 by Rebecca Wise Studio

    Rebecca Wise’s products are made all year round and the shop is usually updated every month or two with new pieces that she has created. The deadline for international Christmas orders is 14th December and for UK orders its 20th December. If you are unsure of which product you would like to buy, Rebecca Wise offers gift vouchers so get in touch with her here.

    Website: etsy.com/RebeccaWiseStudio
    Instagram: @rebeccawisestudio

    The Emperor’s Old Clothes

    Oh hey! Of course we’d love you to buy our pieces for your friends + family too!

    As you know, we’re dedicated to sustainable fashion working exclusively with vintage fabrics & end-of-roll remnants which would otherwise find their way to landfill. This also means that when our customers buy a new item of clothing they are adding another chapter to the story of each beautiful cloth. Every item is handmade by our all-female team in our Brighton studio.

    Meera is holding our ‘Dawn Buds’ Dungarees in UK 6-8, £145 by The Emperor’s Old Clothes

    We’re also passionate about ethical business. This isn’t simply about products and supply chains, it’s about the people behind the brand. Every member of our team is paid the living wage and gets the opportunity to develop their creative & technical skills in our friendly handmade clothing studio.

    Maxxie is wearing ‘Blooming Marvellous’ Floral Blue Handbag, £45 +  ‘Black + White Polka-dot’ Dungarees – UK 26-28, £135 by The Emperor’s Old Clothes (purchase by request)

    Maxxie is holding ‘Yellow Diamond’ Handmade Purse, £12, ‘Navy Blue Wool’ Handmade Purse, £12 and ‘Pink Berry’ Handmade Purse, £12 all by The Emperor’s Old Clothes

    Nyome is holding ‘Hearts and Crosses’ Orange Checked Make-Up Bag , £16 by The Emperor’s Old Clothes

    Nyome is wearing ‘Spirals in the Sky’ Blue Dungarees – UK 22-24 (SOLD OUT) by The Emperor’s Old Clothes

    Meera is holding the ‘Fabric Wreath Kit 20cm Frame’ £14 + wearing ‘Berry Good’ Dungaree Dress, SOLD OUT by The Emperor’s Old Clothes

    Meera is holding the ‘Fabric Scrap Card Making Kit’, 5 Cards in Red, £12 also available in Green and Cream by The Emperor’s Old Clothes

    Website: SHOP NOW
    Instagram: @emperorscloth

    If you have any questions about any of the designers, products or processes get in touch with the brands. That’s the beauty of independents – you can deal directly with the person who designed or made your items so who better to answer your questions?

    We hope we’ve helped with either your festive shopping or your own gift list! Happy holidays everyone x

    Gift Guide photography + copy by Ella Gilchrist, marketing assistant + Cecily Blondel, owner The Emperor’s Old Clothes

    Models – @curvynyome, @meeraroses, @maxxielovecraft

    There are no products

    Size Guide

    Below is our international size guide including bust, waist and hip measurements in inches & centimetres.We hope that this chart helps you find your perfect garment size with us.However, we are used to altering designs to fit customers who are in between sizes so if you have any specific requirements or need any help please don't hesitate to get in touch.
    4-6 32 2 32in 81.5cm 25in 63.5cm 35in 89cm
    6-8 34 4 34.5in 88cm 26.5in 67.5cm 36in 91.5cm
    10-12 36 6 36in 92cm 28in 71.5cm 38in 97cm
    12-14 38 8 40in 102cm 32in 81.5cm 42in 107cm
    14-16 40 10 44in 112cm 36.5in 93cm 47in 119.5cm
    18-20 46 14 50in 127cm 42in 106.5cm 52in 132cm
    22-24 50 18 56in 142cm 48in 122cm 58in 147cm
    26-28 56 22 62in 157.5cm 54in 137.5cm 64in 162.5cm
    30-32 62 26 68in 172.5cm 60in 152.5cm 70in 178cm

    We are in the process of extending our size range. This is quite a lengthy process for a small brand but it is something we are 100% committed to.If we don't currently go up or down to your size please get in touch with your measurements + we can create you your dream 'design your own' garment!

    Check out our guide to taking your own body measurements & our handy measuring kits

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